Fondazione Marco Pantani ONLUS was founded in 2004 following the tragic death of Marco. After his death, his parents were aware that every year their children gave large sums of money to organizations that took care of people with mental, physical or economic problems, but especially to organization that took care of children …

In a world where the weakest are often neglected and marginalized, we are committed in improving the integration and the environment in which they live, through a direct financial support and the diffusion of those values ​​that have characterized the life of Marco, such as loyalty, spirit of sacrifice, respect for others,. We use sport and culture to diffuse these values. It’s our duty continue for him, for his willingness of generous man, for all the emotions that he gave us and that time won’t obliterate.



Since its foundtion, Fondazione Marco Pantani has occupied itself in projects in supporting of families with persons in difficulty. It also promotes the spread of cycling and of the true values ​​of sport among young people, in collaboration with local schools. It can’t missing races organized in memory of Marco.

Find out which are the projects that have engaged Fondazione Marco Pantani and all people that have been supporting it.