In Cesenatico, Marco Pantani’s home town, near the local railway station, was made ​​an area called Spazio Pantani, entirely dedicated to the Champion of Romagna. Inside it is possible to trace the career of “Pirate” by photos, memorabilia, videos.

The structure is divided into 3 areas of approximately 100 square meters each, known by the names of the mountains that Marco Pantani conquer (of Mortirolo and Alpe d’Huez he still holds the record for climbing) and that made ​​him famous all around the world: Sala Mortirolo, Sala Alpe d’Huez and Sala Bocchetta.

Sala Mortirolo
The Sala Mortirolo contains a wide exhibition of equipment and memorabilia that belonged to Marco that will accompany visitors on a discovery of the man, the athlete, the champion and the artist Marco Pantani. In the room there are a few personalized bikes with which he completed his most important enterprises, the jerseys of the his teams, helmets, trophies and a lot of photos
In the room there is a small shop where there is the possibility to request information and to buy books, DVD, clothing, gadgets and more.
Sala Alpe d’Huez
The Sala Alpe d’Huez contains trophies, memorabilia, bicycles, original notes and a cinema with 50 seats.
Part of the room is occupied by a small art gallery containing more than twenty paintings made by t​he Pirata.
The video library of the museum contains videos on Marco’s life and each visitorcan can choose which movies watch.
In this room there are also albums that go over again the career of the Champion and the press reviews of the top Italian and European newspapers.
Sala Bocchetta
Sala Bocchetta, with its outdoor terrace, is used mainly in summer and is reserved for thematic exhibitions, special commemorations and initiatives of various kinds. In the room there is a projection system with video projector for watching movies outdoors during warm summer evenings.


Inside the museum there is a small shop where can be required information and buyed books, DVD, clothing, gadgets and more. Spazio Pantani is opened to visitors seven days a week and also it provides the possibility of special openings for large groups or special events such as conferences, book presentations, musical performances, departures for tours by bicycle.